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    • 17 FEB 15

    Kyneton Medical Centre launches new look

    Knowledgeable. Modern. Caring. That’s us!  We’re excited to launch our new logo and website. Thanks to our patients who provided feedback that helped us pick the right logo. We really value your input. We think the web does a pretty good job of letting you know who we are and what we can do for you. It’s certainly good news for people

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    • 07 MAY 18

    Kyneton Medical Centre is now powered by GREEN ENERGY!

    Staff at Kyneton Medical Centre are proud to announce we are now generating our own power using the sun. Solar panels installed on our roof are generating power used to power the building  during daylight hours & reducing our dependence on the use of fossil fuels.

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    • 24 JUN 15

    Kyneton Hospital Gardens

    Our GPs are visiting medical officers at Kyneton Hospital.  This week Dr Priest, his wife Lindy and Dr Perlesz all donated trees to the Kyneton District Health’s hospital gardens project.  Our administration officer Sue and her family also got involved. The hospital held a community gathering last Sunday.  People joined in to plant, and gather

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    • 06 JUL 15

    Ice Advice

    As a registered Methadone and Suboxone prescriber Dr Priest knows how difficult drug addiction can be.  He’s seen the impact it has on individuals and their family and friends. As a medical professional he supports patient wellbeing and helps people to take steps to get their lives back on track. The drug ice presents significant

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    • 16 DEC 15


    We all know hay fever from TV commercials showing brides destroying bouquets in a single sneeze, if not from personal experience of the frequent and annoying symptoms it produces.  It is perhaps not surprising then that, faced with the bewildering array of options, it can be difficult deciding what is most suitable to treat this

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    • 24 APR 15

    Flu Vaccine Update

    Flu Vaccines are now available.  For those not eligible for a free vaccine the cost is just $10.00 Seasonal influenza is a common infection that is managed through preventative measures such as hygiene and vaccination. Getting vaccinated each year is the best way to prevent getting ill from flu. Some people are eligible for free

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    • 07 MAY 20

    Flu Vaccine 2020

    Flu Vaccines are now available.  ( stocks are limited) Immunisation only appointments will be bulk billed.  People who are not eligible for a government funded FOUR strain vaccine will be charged $15.50 per vaccine.  . Please call reception staff to organise an appointment for your flu vaccine. Seasonal influenza is a common infection that is

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    • 05 MAR 18

    Farm Safety

    As a commited Health care provider for the larger Kyneton community, which is largely rural.  It is a timely reminder, regarding farm safety, to farmers as ‘Farmer admissions have hit a six year high of 342’.  Almost 60 per cent of injuries were caused by Machinery and livestock.  It is agreed that these figures are

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    • 22 AUG 16

    Exercise – the run-down on all its benefits

      It’s hard to know where to start when talking about the benefits of regular exercise, there are so many. Perhaps that is the most important point – by taking your first steps on an exercise routine, you can feel assured the cost-effectiveness and health benefits are proven, in some cases well beyond the benefits

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    • 21 JUL 16

    Diabetes – Don’t Let It Stop You!

    You don’t have to let diabetes stop you! If you need support you can participate in Diabetes Victoria’s education programs to live a long and healthy life with diabetes. There are worrying statistics that 280 Australians develop diabetes every day, and that more than 4400 diabetes related amputations happen in Australia each year. Around 1.7

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