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    National Shingles Vaccination Program for those 70 – 79

    Are you 70 – 79  years of age or do you know someone that is?

    Department of Health is now providing a Shingles Vaccine for all adults 70 years of age from November 1st.

    A single catch-up dose is available for adults 71 – 79 years until October 2021.

    Shingles can begin with headache, fever, flu like symptoms and malaise.  The rash can be itchy, tingling quite often painful rash related to the reactivation of the chickenpox (vaicella virus).   Most people recover within a few weeks, others however, go on to develop chronic nerve pain called post herpectic neuralgia. This may be severe and can sometimes go on for months.

    While this vaccine is recommended for people over 60 years and over it is expected that routine vaccination of people between 70 – 79 years will provide the greatest benefit from shingles (herpes zoster virus) and its complications.  If you are outside the government funded program you can have this vaccine via a script from the doctor.  However cost of the vaccine can be around $240.

    If you have had shingles in the past it is recommended that you can still have the vaccine, however you must wait 12 months since the occurence  before being vaccinated.

    For further information got to the Department of Health Website